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We lay a large variety of different flooring, including all solid wood options, be they parquet or straight planks; engineered floors, both floating and glued down; LVT both the click system and glued down; Laminate flooring; Vinyl flooring; and many more. Get in touch to find out more


Using a range of specialised machines, we can take any wooden floor, and bring it back to its former beauty. We offer a plethora of customization options with this service, such as the option of filling gaps, or leaving them open; stainging your floor to any colour you chose (even making pine look like chestnut); and lastly finishing using any finish you would like.


Every Floor that we lay, we can also supply. We use the best quality of supplies, from companies such as Karndean, Ukflooringdirect, V4 wood flooring, Bona, and many many more.



Often times in the U.K. households experience the issue of flooding, and general damp. Wood, being an organic material does not take well to these things. As wood floor specialists we can test your floor to see whether it is damp, and advise you on how best to fix the issue. 

Wooden Flooring Fitter Hereford

Welcome to HerefordFSAL, we are one of the leading flooring fitters available in Hereford, Herefordshire and its surrounding areas. We proudly specialise in a number of floor maintenance services, including floor sanding, laying, restoration and repair. We are well versed in both small and large scale projects, and are extremely capable at installing a whole spectrum of flooring – from solid wood to laminate and vinyl; no matter your flooring needs, we guarantee to find a simple and effective solution that is both cost friendly and professionally fitted.

At HerefordFSAL, our team of committed flooring specialists are experts in their industry, and have all of the relevant skills, knowledge, and qualifications necessary to provide top-quality bespoke flooring services . They are able to lay any and all solid wood flooring, no matter the design and wood type. We have extensive experience in wooden flooring design, as well as our extremely popular wooden flooring restoration and repair services, which are a simple and inexpensive way to revitalise your home’s stunning wooden floors.

With our hardwood flooring restoration services, you can tailor your floor’s appearance with customisable options such as gap filling, wood staining and wood finishing. Furthermore, our team of industry experts are also able to supply any number of flooring, including notable brands such as Karndean, Ukflooringdirect, V4 wood flooring, and Bona! providing you with the floor of your dreams in no time.



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