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Cost of Floor Sanding in Herefordshire

The cost of restoring a wooden floor varies largely based on several different factors at play, so we wanted to write this post to help guide you and to help you understand where these costs come from.

The costs that go into restoring a floor

Restoring a wooden floor is a complicated process that requires many different steps and systems to be able to get the high standard that we at HerefordFSAL keep ourselves to, and depending on your particular floor some steps may not be necessary whilst others might, but here are considerations that we make when quoting for the restoration of your floor:

What is the condition of your floor?

- If your wooden floor has succumbed to water damage, is there any warping of the floor i.e. have parts of the floor sunk or been raised?

- If the protection layer on top of the floor has been completely worn out in places how deep does the damage go?

- Do any boards need replacing?

What finish would you like?

As a company, we only offer finishes from the top shelf, as this allows us to always assure the best quality of work, and repeatability in terms of results. The type of finish usually depends on personal preference, be it lacquer, oil, or hardwax oil, just to name a few. However, if you aren't sure we'd be more than happy to advise you as to what is best for your floor and your personal needs.

Would you like to change the colour of your wooden floor?

This is a step that requires not only a lot of extra work on our part but also a whole other machine to do this, because any mistakes that may seem minute, could cause a lot of problems in the final result, therefore, here again, we use only products from the top shelf to stain your wood.

What could increase the price of sanding your floor?

If your floor is being sanded for the first time, there will likely be a lot more work that needs to go into restoring it to the condition that it was in when it was first laid especially if, as we mentioned before, the floor is damaged. For example, on a parquet floor, if any blocks are loose, they need to be re-adhered before any sanding can take place.

What could decrease the price of sanding your floor?

If we have previously sanded and refinished your floor, and all you require is a smaller touch-up, then this would reduce the costs significantly. Similarly, if you have an unfinished floor that is freshly laid, and just needs to be very lightly sanded and finished, this would also decrease the costs by a large amount.

How to decrease the costs of sanding a floor?

To decrease the cost of sanding a floor, a crucial thing is to make sure that the floor wear is kept to a minimum over the many years that your wooden floor serves you. To do so it is very important to make sure you take care of your floor very well, to do this you should follow a simple set of rules:

- Try to take off shoes when walking on your wooden floor

- Vacuum often as this gets rid of sharp particulates on the floor that may scratch it

- When mopping your floor make sure to use a microfibre mop as well as pH natural cleaning solutions (Get in contact with our team to order a care kit on 07963303768)

- Try not to spill any liquids on your floor, the reasoning is twofold. Firstly it may cause your floor to swell up if a liquid gets absorbed into the floor, and secondly, certain wood finished may stain if something like red wine is spilt on the floor.

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